One Month Supply of Litterbiotic

All Natural Cat Litter Deodorizer
(1 Month Supply)

$12.99 $8.99

Are you tired of nasty smells coming from your cat's litter box? Do you want a safe, effective and natural solution to the problem?

No need for products that just mask odors with foul smelling perfumes and harmful additives. Instead, create a healthier and odor free home by using the power of Litterbiotic probiotics. A single bag contains 100 grams of Litterbiotic's exclusive formula, and at only one tablespoon per use, one bag will last you an entire month.

This scientifically formulated, earth-friendly formula neutralizes smelly litter at it’s source! You’ll be thrilled with the results and will never have to tolerate a stinky litter box again. Plus, your cat will be much happier and healthier too!

Neutralize Odors
Keep your litter box odor-free year round. Our unique probiotics don't just mask nasty odors, they neutralize them.
No harmful, smelly perfumes or fragrances. Just natural ingredients and probiotics that get the job done without masking bad odors.

We proudly stand behind our product. If you are not absolutely satisfied, send it back within six months for a full refund on your purchase.

For Best Results:
Mix 1/3 of the bag after cleaning the litter box and adding fresh litter. Each resealable pouch will prevent litter box odors for one month.

Easy Application:
Sprinkle just a tablespoon daily to encourage safe bacteria and to prevent odors from forming.

Keep in Mind:
Mixing and spreading is more important than quantity.

Litterbiotic is a completely earth friendly since we use naturally occurring material (such as bran) and then mix it with well-known and common microorganisms that we’ve coexisted with for millennia, such as lactobacillus acidophilus.